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Doncaster RLFC 2009 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
836Dean Colton172008
844Peter Green142008
851Craig Lawton62008
879Craig Cook1760024
887Shaun Leaf131004
918Mark Castle142008
933Josh Weeden23918072
936Alex Benson90000
940Gareth Carey830012
967Andy Speake1419022
975Andreas Bauer1330012
978Kyle Briggs7117038
981Nathan Freer100000
982Michael Haley51004
984Scott Jones831014
991Wayne Reittie1421010
992Scott Smith20000
996Jake Bassinder252008
997David Bates50000
998Liam Booth10000
999Jamie Bovill111004
1000Brooke Broughton30000
1001Matt Carbutt101004
1002Mike Coady940016
1003Ross Divorty1430012
1004Kevin Eadie10000
1005Gary Ellery1521010
1006Danny Flintoff10000
1007Tommy Griffiths51004
1008Steve Hall70000
1009Paul Handforth947131
1010Matt Handforth60000
1011Craig Holt121004
1012Scott Howlett20000
1013Craig Jones50000
1014Kyle Kesik70000
1015Luke May730012
1016Scott McDonald42008
1017Mark McKinley80102
1018Chris McNamara72008
1019Wayne Opie172008
1020Alex Palmer10000
1021Lee Parnell10000
1022Danny Richardson10000
1023Alan Rounding60000
1024Carlos Sanchez20000
1025Tim Scire10000
1026Danny Stanley70000
1027Ryan Steen2630012
1028Mark Stubbley51004
1029Richard Tafa10000
1030Danny Vento51004

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