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Doncaster RLFC 1999 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
623Tony Miller2560024
640Martin Rowse70000
692Colin Maskill40000
708Alex Goulbourne72008
712Richard Hewitt121106
717Gavin Morgan3090036
732M Webster10000
737Jon Bruce222008
760Gareth Pratt150000
762Lee Senior30000
765Ian Watson80000
766C Watson231004
769G Bell11004
772Dean Creasser12122048
774Jonathan Edwards20204
776Alfie Goulbourne1160024
781Lee Maher25614254
782John Okul21120048
787Guy Adams2630012
788Dean Andrews60000
789J Bartle41004
790J Bonasera20000
791S Bouche40000
792Aaron Campbell70000
793Colin Carter1340016
794Billy Conway131106
795Daryl Derose230000
796D Draine21004
797St.John Ellis713010
798S Flowers20000
799K Kerr1230012
800Paul Lister91004
801Gareth Lloyd50000
802Craig Moore26100040
803J Mosley60000
804David Mycoe7116036
805Joe Naidole61004
806C Park10000
807Garry Schofield71004
808Graham Southernwood1870230
809D Summerill160000
810Jamie Thackray40000
811D Towart20000
812D Turner10000
813C Verity140000
814James Walker70000
815S Watene1030012
817Keiran Allen1124016

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