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Doncaster RLFC 1997 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
441Audley Pennant40000
523Mark Roache80000
581Tony Chappell50113
626Richard Pell1821010
640Martin Rowse1315014
656Steve Lidbury101004
662Andy Rothwell530012
673John Ellis70000
674Andy Gascoigne41004
679Robert Turner821212
682Neil Barron101004
684John Elvidge22008
692Colin Maskill913212
701Lance Busby111004
705Jason Davidson101004
708Alex Goulbourne172008
712Richard Hewitt50000
715Stewart McCone307014
716Dave Merrick10000
717Gavin Morgan182008
718J Morgan30000
720Shaun Mycock513111
740A Dobson10000
741D Jackson50000
742Ernie Lake60000
743S Lake50000
744S Lomas111004
745David Lynam10000
746J Moore121004
749Lee Trigg122008
751S Brannan182008
752Andy Dickinson131004
753Alan Dickinson40000
754Keith England51004
755C Fallins80000
756A Frankland60000
757C Key120000
758L Kilpatrick42008
759S Mellings20000
760Gareth Pratt20000
761M Robinson1050020
762Lee Senior11215139
763G Skelton10000
764G Smith72008
765Ian Watson1730012
766C Watson2350020
767W Wilson21004
768D Wolford101004

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