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Doncaster RLFC 1982 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
252Tony Jeff50000
306Stewart Piper161003
308R Smith1440012
318J Evans10000
328George Pflaster123009
354Keith Millett10000
356Tony Banham1260018
364David Noble3568010188
396Robert Harrison250000
412David Pflaster30000
414Chappy Williams141003
418John Buckton26180054
422Ken Ellis301003
429I Millett60000
438Kevin Knott323009
439J Masson100000
441Audley Pennant131003
443J Russell332006
444T Salmon60000
445Ray Wilson310011
450Alan Hutchinson313009
453J Peat291003
454Alan Rhodes131003
457C Atherton200000
458S Cooper120000
459 Darlow10000
461C Ford20000
462Mark Gibbon60000
463J Gregory10000
464Gary Hetherington10000
465 Holmes40000
466E McAdam20000
467 McCarlby10000
468Kevin Parkhouse20000
469A Parkinson90000
470A Peters80000
471David Plange10000
472G Pye90000
474Clive Sullivan50000
475 Sutcliffe10000
476C Sygfusson31003
477A Townend10000
478D Walker20000
479R Wills40000
480M Winter153009
9998A.N Other131003

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