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Doncaster RLFC 1972 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
162Joe Holt82018
198Alan Goodyear220000
203Ken Rushton25314037
219Graham Arrand113009
221R Donald30000
223Bernard Kennedy91003
225F Oxenham40000
229Keith Tomlinson100000
246Malcolm Battye50000
252Tony Jeff263009
258David Towle10022350
260Malcolm Yates181003
264Tony Cross60000
266Trevor Denton221003
271Richard James1570021
284Doug Bradley211003
294B Wilson30000
298Paul Carlin190000
300J Green32006
301Ian Halliwell222006
312M Burns10000
313J Crabtree80000
317D Elliott233009
318J Evans60000
323T Lawrence25614046
324Larry Lester2480024
327J Perkins81003
328George Pflaster2440012
329 Rhodes10000
330J Simpson840012
331G Stocks111003
334K Worsley62006
335J Banks160000
336M Crabtree10000
337H Downing10000
338 Dunhill10000
339I Guest102006
340E Kennedy30000
341Peter Moody280000
342Maurice Pearson50000
343L Richardson20000
344Terry Shipley302006
345Ronnie Spiring60000
346 Swallow10000
347J Waltham2038025

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