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Doncaster RLFC 1959 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
2Les Belshaw201003
41D Wilkinson241003
67B Frost22006
68G Northern1660018
79H Field40000
82Dennis Hartley290204
85P Larkin10000
87K Matthews160000
97F Williamson151003
102J Barratt61003
104K Burt50000
105E Hinchcliffe1350015
113B Stokes20000
114J Yemm220000
115C Askin101003
119T Devaney131003
120R Downes71003
121C Faletau10000
122N Halafihi1062022
123Alan Hepworth140000
127C Naylor1150015
128 Robinson10000
129D Scholes3165028
130W Slater132006
131E Smalley121003
132R Swales27345099
133A Sykes40000
135A Barker71207
136R Boustead20000
137K Bowman70000
138K Doyle100012
139H Ellerby110000
140 Fishwick20000
141 Forrest10000
142B Goldswain40000
143Ted Heath3960018
144R Hinchcliffe60000
145K Hindley191105
146 Jackson10000
147 Jepson10000
148M Lucas10000
149J O'Neil122006
150E Redman20000
151D Smith223009
153Ted Strawbridge201003
154C Turner171309
155A Vessey40000
156 Warters30000

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