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Doncaster RLFC 1956 Season - Player Statistics

Player NumberPlayer NamePlayedTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
6L Croft10000
8E Davies1631011
9Paddy Doyle151003
17 Jones10000
25P Badger61003
27F Bowers51003
33 Hayter161003
35 Pacey20000
40J Watson140000
41D Wilkinson2340012
43I Barraclough50408
45D Cranswick26121038
46R Fairhurst1950015
47L Freeman130000
48L Gunn232006
51R Jukes151003
53P Baddeley201003
59A Ratcliffe40204
60D Rayner92006
66 Bradley100000
68G Northern333009
71 Ripley10000
72B Tyler10000
73A Winnard26043086
75 Altess61003
76 Binnersley90000
77 Brown10000
78C Fennell100000
79H Field111003
80D Gilbert21003
81 Graham30000
82Dennis Hartley80000
84 Joyce20000
85P Larkin251003
86 Lorriman20000
87K Matthews120000
88F Millican50000
89D Peace60204
90Roy Pollard123009
91 Pycroft20000
92J Rothery30000
93C Smith10000
94 Taylor80000
95R Thornhill20000
96 Wildridge120000
97F Williamson122006
98N Worsley872025
99G Worsley10000
100B Wrigglesworth38113039
101J Appleyard1609018

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